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Stay in Comfort and Holiday in Style

St. Lucia is an island of style and luxury

It is the home and playground of stars and the most wealthy. You can easily spend over $1000US per night for a room at Jade Mountain, ladera and other top end luxury accommodation in Saint Lucia. Private villas and villa hotels are more. The poinsettia traveler appreciates the very best but is somewhat discerning on exactly what they splurge on.

Poinsettians like to explore and visit the best place. They are out and about most of the day, except for occasional days of relaxing at home and reading by the pool with an afternoon scroll to the market to pickup fresh caught reef fish for dinner. They prefer not to spend thousands of dollars per night for an ocean view villa by the sea. Especially as they are not going to be indoors or at the resort all day, everyday.

Poinsettia people don’t choose luxury accommodation in favor of activities and adventure. They rather in comfort and holiday in style at Poinsettia Ocean View Villa resort. It’s the latest trend amongst even the wealthy who will dine out and sometimes want to dine in their own home and cook up the fresh catch of the day bought at a local fish market on their daily exploration. The independent minded traveler may like to be a guest at the top hotels and resorts, having lunch or dinner and maybe over-nighting in the infinity room under the Pitons. They can afford to stay wherever they want to, but many prefer to be more frugal and enjoy the comforts of a self catering villa that is good value.

The independent minded traveler and the poinsettia-person like to be free to roam around with a central and convenient local from which to explore. At the end of the day they want a “Great Place to come to” and a charming resort where they can “Stay in Comfort and Holiday in Style”.

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