Mocking Birds Singing in The Poinsettia Morning

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mockingdird on villa 6 garden terrace entrance

There are several mocking birds that you will hear when staying at Poinsettia Villa Apartments. They are the birds most featured in our home page video. Their song is beautiful and varied because they mock other birds and even people. You will hear Mocking Birds Singing  throughout the day but they are especially tuneful early in the morning and at sunset.

Dawn Chorus

According to PBS “The dawn chorus is one of the marvels of nature. Birds all over the world show the greatest amount of singing activity around dawn, from English woodland to tropical rainforest. But why they do it is still not clearly understood.”

You can have a conversation in song with the Poinsettia mocking birds. Just try it: When you hear them sing echo back and put your own twist on it. They may surprise you with their own version. In a conversation, they love to add some twists and carry the tune to new heights Pretty soon it gets hard to keep up as they love to warble and improvise with range and texture of their own. As in Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah they add their own variation on “the fourth, the fifth, a minor fall and a major lift. Ornithologist Kim Derrickson, of Loyola University in Baltimore, who studies mockingbirds suggests that “perfect fourths are pleasing to people — and maybe birds, too.”

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Charles Darwin and the Mocking Bird

mocking bird in lime tree


“When the survey voyage of HMS Beagle visited the Galápagos Islands in September to October 1835, Charles Darwin noticed that the mockingbirds  differed from island to island, and were closely allied in appearance to mockingbirds on the South American mainland.”  See more like this on  wikipedia>>>

Darwin speculated that this variation of species from one location to another, undermined the doctrine of stability of species, leading to the conclusion that they evolved differently to suite the environment .  This led eventually to his theory of evolution”

Banana Quit at PoinsettiaSaint Lucia Bird watching

Over 177 different species of birds have been sighted in the various walks and nature trails on the island, several are endemic to the island. There are many migratory birds and Inland Water Birds. Hummingbirds, The St Lucia Pee Wee, St Lucia Warbler, St Lucia Oriole, Banana Quit, Carib Grackle, Black Faced Grass Quit, Black Finch, Fly Catcher and Tropical Mocking Bird are just a few of the many species that you might see on your nature walks. For a complete list see


Birding Tours

Bird watching Saint Lucia is very accessible in St. Lucia as nothing is very far away. The island is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide and their are many nature paths and tours not far from your villa at Poinsettia. The gardens at Poinsettia are home to many species including the mockingbird, sparrows, thrushes and thrashers. The inlet at the foot of the hill is a natural sanctuary for Egrets. There are always some Egrets to be seen on the trees but most fly off at dawn and back again at dusk.

We will be pleased yo help you arrange a tour. For more info on tours you may check BarefooHolidays


Black Finch at the Garden Terace Villa 6finch