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We have recently added a new page outlining the benefits of booking direct

There are many extra and special packages available for guest who book direct using our own Booking Engine. You will not see these offers anywhere else. All you need to do is use the booking engine and add your email right at the start.

All the reason are on the page Why Book Direct

Actually is is not ALL, and it can never be, because we always try to over deliver and we find ways to make your holiday extra special. We are owner managed with a dedicated staff that has been with us for years. Our prime concern is your comfort and joy.

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Perhaps the most important reason to book direct is that we know our destination, our property, the neighborhood, whats going on that you may never find about. There are many event, festival and special occasion through the year in St. Lucia, and when we work with you directly we will know what to recommend for you far better that any other travel site or service.

Membership has its Rewards

We love to reward our loyal members wherever they book. Loyalty guests have access to rates, packages and services that are exclusive to member. If you prefer to book with one of our partners just click on the links below. We work hard to make sure everyone who books with and joins our loyalty program gets a reward.

Booking with us directly gets an additional appreciation for being direct and automatically joining our loyalty program. Because we save commissions and deal directly with you we can offer you more.

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No Other Travel Website Can Give You Better Rates

We want you to know that we are the ultimate and only supplier of the Poinsettia Experience. We are your host and no other travel websites or service can offer better rates for our resort. You will find the lowest rates right here on this site and when you book and join our loyalty program you will get extra services and offers that are not available anywhere else.

Travel Partner Bookings also get Loyalty Benefits

If you prefer to book with our travel partners or your own agent, we will still love you! Just sign up for our loyalty program if you choose to book with our great partners like Booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotel.com, AirBnb.com TripAdvisor and all the major sites.

Our travel partners provide an excellent service to travelers and to our guests who prefer to book with an agent. Just click on the icons below to select your preferred booking partner.