Review Videos Showcase the Authentic Lifestyle Holiday Experience

Great Review Video Brilliantly Animated

We are really delighted with this review and what has done to animate it so brilliantly.  You really do get a sense of the resort and of St. Lucia. The images of downtown Castries are priceless. It also demonstrates how guest review videos showcase the authentic lifestyle holiday experience and the human touch we take pride in at our very private little Villa Resort up on the hilltop by the sea.

castries market scene

Margaret was a wonderful guest and it was lovely having her to stay. She was a real “Poinsettia person”, someone who just does not want to be thought of as a tourist when they travel to get away and rejuvenate.

A Lifestyle Holiday, Not a Tourist Destination

According to AirBnb “Almost half of all Americans don’t want to be considered a tourist when they travel.” All of Poinsettia’s guests want to get to know neighborhoods and to have an authentic travel experience. They definitely do not want to be herded around with a crowd of tourist. That’s why we built this unique Villa Resort with a balance of space and privacy and still with people to take care of things and be there for you. Our in-house guides and list of things and places to visit have all sorts of gems of helpful information.

Guests drop into the office to ask us about places and we are happy to share our local knowledge and suggest an option we thing they might love. St. Lucia is diverse so there are lots of things to choose from.

Human Touch & All Those Extras

It was lovely to see Margaret write about our human touch. Our family gardens are bursting with fruits and vegetables which we often leave at guests’ doors, without making a song and dance or interrupting them. Privacy is important here and travellers who are not tourists mingle when they want and with whom they want. We don’t have cocktail parties and set agendas of any sort. Guests often meet and conversation and friendship do spring up because we are like-minded people who enjoy and appreciate quiet reflection and personal experience. And it seems that we independent-minded travelllers are not alone. Nearly 50% of people polled by Airbnb said that they really do not like navigating huge crowds of people.

St. lucia sims and phones
Make it easy – just borrow a phone

Cell Phones for St. Lucia

Phones are always a problem for travellers and sometimes it’s not all that easy or convenient to change Sim cards, especially when you want to maintain the chats and connections you have with home. That is why we sometimes just lend guests a phone to help them get around, make appointments and arrange tours.

We keep a small supply of cell phones on hand for those who don’t want to bother with changing SIMs and would like to be in contact with things on the island. It saves a lot of bother.

Thanks Margaret for making a note of that.

All our team are people persons and love to help. If we can, we help out with occasional lifts, especially when guests first arrive. Just as Philip helped out with a lift to the supermarket.  Although we often add a welcome basket, there is often something one would like on arrival.

So thanks everyone for all your lovely feedback and reviews. We like to hear all your construction suggestions, and we take them all very seriously.

Thanks also to HHR for its excellent work with reviews to make them really come alive and tell a story in rich detail.