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St. Lucia Catamaran Sailing to the Pitons Day Cruise

At Poinsettia ocean adventures are at your doorstep! The St. Lucia Catamaran Sailing to the Pitons Day Cruise leaves from the foot of the hill from Ganters Bay shallow draft marina in the cove below your villa by the sea. You can walk there in minutes but they will pick you up and call you at the right time.

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Poinsettia Apartments are very central to everything and a great place to come home to. The view is fabulous. It’s on a hill nestled between peaks and nature. The egrets nest along the lagoon/inlet at the foot of the hill and are a lovely sight in early mooring and at sunset. Poinsettia Apartments are really like villas or, because they are so close to Castries the capital, like townhouses. All have their own entrance many with both a front and a back door and a garden patio.

Catamaran Cruise
I took a day catamaran cruise to the Pitons, wow – the folks we were with just kept saying awesome and it was. It was an early morning start from the jetty at the foot of Poinsettia hill and very easy to get to. We were greeted by friendly and fun crew and rum punch.

Approaching The Pitons Via Catamaran
We sailed for about an hour when the Pitons came into sight. Magnificent steeples, like tall centurions standing guard on Soufriere!

Boats at Soufriere
Many areas in the Caribbean are named Soufrière which is French for “sulphur outlet”. There is a Soufreire volcano is St. Vincent, the Soufrière Hills on Montserrat and La Grande Soufrière on Guadeloupe.

St. Lucia Soufrière town is a small and active fishing village. The pirogue style boats are lined up along the shore. We will dine later on local fresh fish at restaurant above the town with a good view of the Pitons and the village.

The St. Lucia Soufrière Volcano and Sulphur Springs
The St. Lucia Soufrière volcano and sulphur springs is the only drive-in volcano in the world. It used to be that you could drive right up to a spring and boil eggs in the mud. It is fenced off now as someone fell into boiling mud and was badly burned.

The water has therapeutic qualities. People come here to bathe in the mud and mineral waters.

The Diamond Waterfalls, St.Lucia
We stopped for lunch after a tour of the volcano and diamond botanical gardens. Flowers, forests, waterfalls, mud baths and sulfur spring are along the way.

The Diamond waterfalls, look like a fresco on the mountain wall. Multiple colors; copper reds and green, yellow sulphur, white calcium oxide, along with carbon, magnesium and other minerals from the rich Soufrière waters paint a backdrop to the falling water!

Marigot Bay, St.Lucia
We passed through Marigot Bay, now a luxury real estate development. The hotel at Marigot Bay is only accessible by water taxi which drops you off on the coconut beach, a spit of land in front of the hotel.

Sailing home to my Poinsettia Apartment, the mood was relaxed and fun. The music blended with the mood and the rum punch, Bob Marley’s “ONE Love” had the crew on their feet, and the rather naughty “Big Bamboo” made us smile.

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Striking Trees at Diamond Waterfall, St.Lucia
A lovely day of sailing and adventure!

I would recommend this to anyone at any age.

The folks at Poinsettia will help arrange your trip and suggest things you might like to do.

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Sailing Away from the Pitons, St.Lucia
For all your St. Lucia holiday planning check out, all hotels and activities are listed there – it also has pages of Special deals. But you can’t do much better than Poinsettia Apartment – A St. Lucia: “Caribbean Living” Holiday.

Poinsettia Villa Apartments – for a fabulous St.Lucia vacation!

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