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St. Lucia Villas

Villa Holidays are the New Trend in Independent Travel

As travel becomes increasingly affordable and varied, travelers are looking for options that accommodate their very specific needs and expectations for a vacation. This is especially true for those planning a family holiday where the emphasis is on individual and independent travel experiences for all members of the family.

St. Lucia luxury villas - CapMason ourtyardvillas

More and more travelers are looking at self catering  villa holidays, which offer more features, more personal space, home style comfort and convenience. For these reasons villa holidays have become very attractive to independent travelers, couples and families.


Villas are Perfect for Family Vacations


st. lucia family holiday villasIt is difficult to find or create an ideal vacation to meet the needs of the entire family traveling together with the traditional hotel or resort, even if they offer all-inclusive packages.

Villas on the other hand are perfect for families of any size and are particularly affordable for large families. Villas come in all sizes – one bedroom & two bedroom are readily available and are the units offered by Poinsettia. Larger parties can be accommodated at Poinsettia by combining units and the entire resort of 7 villas can be booked for special occasions like weddings and group getaways. St. Lucia has several large villas that can accommodate families of 8 or more in a single villa house (see below).


Poinsettias’ Guide to the Perfect St. Lucia Accommodation!


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This page explores the growing popularity of Caribbean villa holidays and focuses especially on the wide range of St. Lucia villas to rent. You might think that is a bit odd coming from Poinsettia Ocean View Villa Resort; why would we offer information on our competition.

The reason is simple: Poinsettia is not for everyone and we just want to make sure that guests make the right choice and above all choose our lovely island Saint Lucia.

There are many villas for rent in this island and you have a wide choice, from some of the most exclusive and exotic villas in the world down to budget self catering accommodation. There are St. Lucia villas to suit every need, taste and budget.


Luxury Villa Holidays in St. Lucia

$600 Plus/night- Many over $1000 US per night

You will find the very best Caribbean villas that rank among the best in the world. Our top choices are:

St. lucia villa luxury living cap mason
Cap Mason Luxury Villa Holidays for rent in St. Lucia

Villa Resorts & Villa Hotels
Stonefield Villa Resort
Cap Mason Villa Hotel
Sugar Beach Residences
Ladera Resort Villas

Private Villas Estates 
Cap Estate
Mont du Cap

Private Villa Homes
La Belle Helene
Villa Capri

A Word About Poinsettia Villas

We are not in the luxury market – our location is lovely and the accommodation is unpretentious and minimal with lots of space. Travelers who can afford more will sometimes choose Poinsettia because it is frugal, comfortable and they can Stay in Comfort and Holiday in Style.

st. lucia villa 6 poinsettia garden terrace

Best Rates Guaranteed: We Know St. Lucia and Love to Help You Plan an Amazing Holiday


What Poinsettia is not


  • Don’t choose Poinsettia if you are looking for all inclusive resort. There are several Allinc hotels and resort that are very popular, but it is not what we do. The Poinsettia person prefers to eat out and dine in as they please. Variety is often rather limited at the All-inclusives. It is not the sort of Independent holiday living which we offer. Having a full kitchen at Poinsettia does not mean you have to dine-in in by any means. Self Catering here gives you the freedom to dine out as you wish and enjoy your own gourmet evening or to fry up the fresh fish you buy at the local markets on your daily outings.
  • Don’t come to Poinsettia expecting 5 star luxury, opulence and exclusivity. We are understated with minimal, colourful and clean Caribbean decor and lots of living space. Poinsettia appeals to those who want to stay in comfort, and not have to spend a $1000 a night, opting instead to enjoy days of adventure and to holiday in style.
  • If you like to be among lots of people, to see and be seen, and to mingle with hotel guests at cocktail parties, this is not the place for you. We only have 7 villas and our guest do mingle if and when they want to at the pool or on the sunset terrace, where they enjoy meeting like minded discerning travellers, but there is lots of space to be quiet and enjoy our own time when you want to.
  • If you like parties and nightlife there are many places that are not far away, it does not happen on at Poinsettia resort.
  • Don’t choose us if you are looking for the cheapest hotel room, we offer much more than a hotel room. When you stay at Poinsettia you will love the space and all the comforts of home. Many hotel room advocates have said they will never choose a room over self catering villa apartments again after enjoy the Poinsettia experience.
  • Don’t choose us if you absolutely have to be on a beach. We are close to Vigie beach and other beaches in the island, but we love the view and the ambiance of our natural setting on the hill. Our guests love it too.

Other St. Lucia Villas


Based on price range high seasons

$300 Plus
WindJammer Landing
Rooms start at $385  / night – one bedroom villas from $686.00 / night
Calabash Cove

$200 Plus
Villa Beach Cottages
Poinsettia Ocean View Villa Resort

$100 Plus
Poinsettia Ocean View Villa Resort

Less than $100 per night

We can’t recommend any villas in this category. If you have to spend less that $100 a night consider a hotel room or a B&B.

More… Coming soon. check back for upcoming updates. We will add links, info and more properties shortly. We also plan to categorize villas on other criteria like location, facilities. service and ambiance.


Why Choose a Villa Holiday


Villas offer many advantages over traditional hotels and apartments.  Typically a villa is more spacious, more private, more open and more convenient than hotel rooms or vacation apartments.

Of special interest is the new trend of villa resort, combining hospitality service and security of a hotel resort with privacy, open space and independence of a villa vacation.

Poinsettia is the one of most affordable and best value options in this category. It is the only villa resort in the iconic location of Vigie, close to town, duty free shopping, gourmet restaurants, the Vigie beach and all island activities.


Check back soon for more information and suggestions.
We will cover Villas near the The Pitons and in other popular areas of the island with a few tips on the best places to stay based on your lifestyle and preferences. This will include Rodney Bay, Castries and Vigie Bay, Marigot Bay and other popular resort areas and hideaways.

 Large Family Size Villas – For larger villas of 5 or more bedrooms


  • Tamarind Villa Photo   Tamarind Villa Cap Estate   |  7 Bedroom
  • Lovely hillside location with views of the Caribbean and Atlantic. Overlooking the golf course.
  • $575–$1,430 / night

  • La Paloma Photo   La Paloma Vigie 2   |  6 Bedroom   5 BA
  • Situated in the residential area of Vigie, accross from Poinsettia Villas. It is 5-minutes drive from the Vigie Beach and 10-minute to Castries and Pointe Seraphine duty free shopping.
  • $375 – $1,265 / night

Family Holidays- Best in a Villa

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