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St. Lucia Self Catering Accommodation & Holiday Planning

Budgeting St. Lucia Self Catering Accommodation & Holiday Planning


pool view self catering villa 5 kitchen
Pool View from Self Catering Villa Apartment #5

Poinsettia villa apartments are of course all fully equipped St. Lucia self catering accommodation that are self-contained, self-sufficient and private. With the growing popularity of the do-it-yourself holidays, many independent travelers are learning to appreciate the benefits of self catering apartments and villas where they can vacation with the entire family at a reasonable cost and also bring along friends and extended families.

The self-catering-hotel or resort offers additional facilities over the traditional hotel or all-inclusive, as in the case with Poinsettia Ocean View Villa Resort: Guests have all the privacy of their own home away from home and can enjoy resort facilities and amenities of a more spacious holiday lifestyle, with pool, gardens, fresh fruit in season, ocean view sundeck and on site staff and management.

Saint Lucia as a destination has recognized this trend and there are a growing number of properties offering various forms of independent vacations. When looking at places to stay in st. Lucia, it is important to make sure that you fully understand all of the services included and fees you may incur during your stay.


Budgeting Island Activities


Enjoying island tours, water-sports, sailing and renting a car are normal requirements when staying anywhere but are more so if you are adventurous and want to explore on your own. You should budget at $100 to $200 per person for these activities. With your own kitchen you will save on dining out but don’t miss the great dining experiences at the Edge, the Coal Pot and the many gourmet restaurants in St. Lucia. Prices will range from $25 to 50% us per person for a top rated restaurant and a decent wine will start at about $30 a bottle.


Budgeting for Accommodation


self catering villa 6 garden terrace
Self Catering Villa 6 Garden Terrace

St. Lucia Self Catering Accommodation ranges from the luxury villas, starting at $1000 a night to budget apartments that may be 10% of that or less. In the luxury villa-resort category you can expect world class service and lodging in some of the most exotic locations anywhere. Budget apartment will vary in standards and in service. Many are multiple unit buildings with common shared entrances and hallways that do not provide the privacy and space of a villa apartment resort.

Budget accommodation offers value in terms of price but will often be short on service, attention, amenities and accommodation standards. While the St. Lucia Tourism Authority certifies properties and requires a minimum standards, this does vary and is very dependent on management and staff of the individual property, its age and upkeep.

You can rest assured that Poinsettia is on top of the list for cleanliness winning top ratings on TripAdvisor with comments from guests such as it is “clinically clean”. One of the telling differences is that it is managed by the owners who take particular care to ensure a very high level of attention to guest care, housekeeping and maintenance. Poinsettia prides itself on offering great value – Just check the reservation form below to calculate your holiday cost and remember this is a one of a kind location, and a unique villa-apartment for spacious, affordable and private holiday living in an exclusive resort setting.

Best Rates Guaranteed: We Know St. Lucia and Love to Help You Plan an Amazing Holiday


Compare Other Self-Catering Rates and Value


self catering accommodation -Villa 6 garden terrace
Villa 6 Garden Terrace

Poinsettia rates are not the cheapest on the island; they offer the very best value for lifestyle holidays for families and couples who don’t want to spend a fortune on lodging and want to stay in comfort and holiday in style. Poinsettia is a mid range villa resort and its clients include travelers who can afford the very best but who choose to be more frugal on accommodation; especially as they are out and about exploring the island and return for evening home cooked meals in open and spacious home-style living.

St. Lucia Holiday Planning


It may seem a daunting task to plan out a complete holiday itinerary, especially for a group. But help is at hand and you will not regret choosing Saint Lucia for your Caribbean self catering vacation.

St. Lucia Ocean View Self Catering Villas

While there are many online resources, review sites  and travel agents to help you, it can be overwhelming to know which are the best locations, what are the standards, what is the service like, what sort of people go there and what is there to do. If you are going to an apartment or villa you will want to know what provision are provided, will someone help you with a welcome basket for your first day, where can you get a good deal on a car and so much more.

To assist travelers, here are a few things to bear in mind when planning your island adventures and self catering accommodation in St. Lucia.


Where to Stay


We will be adding a video soon with a overview of all Saint Lucia Independent Holiday options. We will include the online sites where you will find luxury villa and self catering villa apartments for your budget. Search engines, visitor review websites, Online Travel Agents and the St. Lucias official Tourism Website, all can play a part in making your final decision. Often they do not give the entire picture and we are working on providing a spreadsheet where you can compare rates by category. It is a bit tedious wading through online resources to find all this. If you want help we are always available to make sure you get the right accommodation based on your preferences and needs – Just give a call or contact us by email.


What to Do


Check out what activities to do or places to visit within the vicinity of where you will stay before you arrive. It may not do any good to try to plan after check-in, because you may not have the time or the funds to do everything you would like to do, especially for first-timers. For your convenience we have provided a section on Adventures which offers suggestions. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions for specific answers to your questions. Poinsettia’s office will be pleased to help you plan your island adventures and make reservations for you.


What to Bring


This depends on your particular needs as well as what would be available to you at the accommodation. It is best to check the amenities available before you book your stay, as you may find yourself without the things you need. For example, imagine needing to take a shower only to discover that you are without soap! For most, that would be a nightmare. It’s wise to contact the places you are interested in to find out what amenities they will provide and what things you will need to pack.  Self catering apartments have very different rules and many do provide different levels of maid service – Check our FAQs for details of  “Whats included in my stay” at Poinsettia.


Who Will Come with You


Make sure that there are activities that includes everyone. If the kids will be coming with you, make sure that they are not just left in the room when you go out. Find out if there are things nearby for them to do and places they will enjoy, such as playgrounds, wading pools or amusement parks. Seniors may enjoy a place with a pool so that they can relax poolside with a good book while you go off on a hike. Just contact us for information on any of these issues – we are always delighted to help you choose the right St. Lucia accommodation and activities for your style of holiday.


What Location is Best for You


St. Lucia is a small island and everything is within reach in a day, so you don’t need to be overly concerned about getting to see it all. But here are some tips on location. See more about St. Lucia here >>>

First Poinsettia is central. It is in Vigie one of the most central spots to access the major attractions. It is 15 minutes from Rodney Bay and Pigeon Point which is where many of the hotels, restaurants and nightlife are located. It is 30 minutes by boat to the Pitons (about 45 mins. driving) and an hour away from the airport. Many of the luxury properties are in the Pitons area which is also about an hour’s drive from the airport and longer to Pigeon Point and the city center.


Last of all, sit back and relax! A well-planned self-catering holiday can be an enjoyable experience for you and all those who accompany you.

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