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(FAQs) Poinsettia St. Lucia Frequently Asked Questions

Check out time is 12 noon

You can check in from 1pm to 4Pm – Late check-ins (after 4pm when the office closes)  will incur a fee of $50 US.

So Glad you Asked – Check out this blog Sir John, the farther of Independence was quite the character. The page also has links to the best history books and our nobel laureates.

See our best rates and value guarantee in our rates compare page and BookDirect Value

We offer top value and invite you to check out other St. Lucia villa hotels and villa resorts.

Poinsettia is not a 5 star luxury high costs resort. We do have many 5-star guest who love the comfort, convenience, privacy, space and affordability of Poinsettia lifestyle holidays. As we they say, they choose poinsettia to “Stay in comfort and holiday in style”.

We guarantee the best value for booking direct with our VIP service

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You can but we do require notice and charges may apply

A Deposit of one night is required to confirm a booking. Deposit is not refundable if canceled with 3 days of arrival in summer and 5 days in winter. 50% refunded if canceled within 14 days of arrival, 90% refunded if canceled 15 days or more.

No Shows will be charged 3 nights on credit card.

All reservations must be confirmed with a valid credit card. Poinsettia Villa Apartments reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards prior to arrival.

Breadfruit- Poinsettia home grown fruit & Veg Breadfruit is a vegetable that has a slight potato-like taste.  Their are several Breadfruit trees on the poinsettia estate and we are pleased to share them with guests when in season. We usually add a note with some cooking direction on How to Cook Breadfruit Like a Lucian. Here are several of our favorite Lucian recipes you might like to try.

Boiled Breadfruit

The simplest way to cook it is just to biol it and serve it hot with butter. First peel it and cut out the ‘heart’ or the core in the center. Cut the breadfruit into pieces and cook it in salted water for 25 to 30 minutes and then serve it hot butter. Some like it with a salsa or spicy sauce.

Breadfruit Cou-Cou

Okra Breadfruit CouCou

A variation of boiled breadfruit is a meal made with the Breadfriut boiled together with okras and mashed.

Just add cut-up okras to the cooking and mash the lot up before serving it hot with a stew or steamed or lightly fried fish.

Add a little butter and season with salt and pepper  when mashing.


Stuffed Beadfruit

One if the favorite ways to cook it in Saint Lucia, is to stuff it with onions and chives. First parboil the Breadfruit with its skin on in salted water.  Then peel and core it stuffing the core with sauteed onion, garlic and chives and mint to flavour and baking all in a 350-degree pre-heated oven for 35 to 45 minutes till it is tender and succulent. It is served hot.

breadfruit ballsBreadfruit Balls & Fries

Cut the breadfruit into quarters remove the center core and peel it. Then boil it water with salt until it is soft. Drain the water and mash like you would mash a potato.

Add in1 egg, ½ cup finely chopped onions, 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic, 2 stems of celery and parsley (finely chopped), 2 cups of grated cheese, 2 cups of bread crumbs and salt to taste

Make balls,  Roll in bread crumbs and  fry in oil.

Breadfruit fried makes a delicious alternative to chips or potato fries.

Just slice them as shown and fry in oil till golden brown.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.00.39 AM





Properties of Breadfruit

Breadfruit is a good source of fiber which helps to regulate digestion, lower cholesterol and blood bread pressure, and ward off colon cancer. It is high in Vitamin C and Potassium. Moderate amounts of protein, antioxidants and essential vitamins like thiamin, pyridoxine and niacin (from

Other Lucia Cooking

St. Lucians diet is quite starchy with many ground provison like yams as well as fruit like plantains and green figs. Lucians eat lots of fruits and vegetables with protein in the form of fish, chicken, pork hocks, and pig tail.  Seafood is abundant, and the markets will often have fresh tuna, mahi mahi, and snapper.  Salt fish and green fig is perhaps the national dish.

fishandsaladThe cooking style is creole in nature with stews and spicy sauces featured in many recipes.  But Lucians also like simple fresh fish – lightly floured and fried in a little butter and oil, it goes well with a Breadfruit Cou-Cou and a tomato salad.

Interesting Recipes, Cooking Site By St. Lucias and St. Lucia Top Chefs

Washington Post Tours St. Lucia with Top Chef Nina Compton

Tropicalsky Caribbean Holiday Cooking – a true taste of St. Lucia  – healthy living food for your temple




Holiday Activities That Poinsettia People Love

We will be delighted to advise you on tours, activities and attractions for your island adventures.  This will very much depend on tastes, fitness level and age group etc. For the fit excursion climbing to the top of the Pitons is an awe inspiring event, but there are lots of less strenuous ways to spend your days in the simple beautiful island.

Our 7 Favorite Ways to Spend your Days in St. Lucia

1. Visit the Pitons by taxi or car, we suggest stopping in at Ladera for lunch or tea.
2. Sail to Soufriere on a catamaran, this also can stop at the Pitons. See more Sailing and Boating Tours
3. Visit Vigie beach for a stroll and a mooring dip. Have a salt fish bake at Angies for breakfast- See images on St. Lucia location page and island gallery
4.  Dine at Coal Pot Waterfront restaurant just across the bay from your villa by the sea
5. Nature walks and Special Places – from gentle walks to Zipline or Tram rides over the Rainforest and the Hotel Chocolate Experience from Beans to Bars
6. Explore Caribbean Culture and Heritage
7. Trip to Marigot Bay & Rainforest Hideaway

You get a full one bedroom or two bedroom villa apartment with a pool or garden or ocean view. The villas a re fully equipped with amenities you would expect in your home such as a family size kitchen and laundry. The units are spotlessly cleaned on your arrival.

You have access to the pool and grounds including the roof top terrace – a great place to watch the sunset and dine under the stars.

Optional Services

– Welcome Basket – to make sure that you have breakfast and basic provision for your arrival.
– Hire a Cook (Cooks are subject to availability, be sure to arrange this before your stay)
– Maid Services for linen and dish washing and daily cleaning
– Personal chauffeur or personal taxi (arrange with the office before your stay
– Ask us for help in renting a car and making reservation for tours and attractions
– The office will be pleased to advise you on things to do and places to visit and can make reservations for you.

Currency & Exchange Rates

St. Lucia uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar which is approximately 2.70XCD to 1 US$. The US$ is accepted in most places as are all major credit cards. Many businesses do not accept Travelers checks which can be exchanged at the bank. Banks operate Monday to Friday for 8am to 3pm.

Banks in St. Lucia include:

1st National Bank St Lucia Limited
21 Bridge St. Box 168 Castries, St. Lucia

The Bank of Nova Scotia

6 WM Peter Blvd Box 301 Castries St. Lucia

Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd
Bridge St. Box 1862 Castries, St. Lucia

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank
Bridge St. P.O.Box 335/336/350 Castries, St. Lucia

Sagicor Finance Inc
Choc Estate Castries, St. Lucia

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Unit 5 Colony Hse Box 295 John Compton Hwy, St. Lucia

RBC Royal Bank
Micoud St. Castries, St. Lucia

St. Lucia electrical current is based on the British standard 220Volt with UK 3-pin plugs. Poinsettia Villa and Apartments are wired to UK standards. USA adapters are provided in each unit. The adapters do not transform the 220 volts and you will need to be sure that your appliance works on 220. Smartphones, iPads and laptops are usually adaptable to 100 and 220. Some older appliances, like hair dryers, may not be adaptable to 220 volts –  check with the office if you are not sure.

Poinsettia office can supply you with a transformer for  devices not equipped for 220 volts.

It all depends on if you need one bedroom or two and if you like ocean view or garden, patios, etc.

Villas One Bedroom
Villa 1 Rooftop Terrace
Villa 4 The Nook
Villa 7 Executive Suit

Two Bedroom
Villa 2 Rooftop Residence
Villa 3 Poolside Residence
Villa 5 Ocean View Poolside
Villa 6 Garden Terrace

Pool View -2   -3  – 4   -5
Garden Terrace  -6
Ocean View   -1 -7
2 – 5

Poinsettia Ocean View Villa resort is it is very close to the the local island-hopping airport across from Vigie Beach, George F. L. Charles Airport. That is a 10 minute walk. We call that the Island hopping airport as it used by small Caribbean airlines to hop between the islands.

The Hewanorra International Airport in View Fort in the south of St. Lucia, is about an hours drive through forests and ocean vistas.
See Location for detail on flights and distances.

Poinsettia is well located close to the best island beach, restaurants and island excursions.
Most of the popular hotels are close by in the north west of the island.

Vigie Beach is not far, it’s just a 10 minute walk away. The hill is a bit steep and you may want to drive if you have difficulty walking.

Yes you can walk to town – There is a shortcut at the front gate of Poinsettia that will get you into town within 15 minutes or so depending on how fast you walk. Duty free shopping, the farmers’ market and the fish market are all within walking distance.

Many of our guests do not rent a car. You can get around the island by bus.
It’s very local and many guests enjoy it. There are many taxis and tour companies that we can arrange for you. But to be fully free and mobile, a car is a good idea. Poinsettia management will be pleased to arrange this for you.

Poinsettia is a lovely ocean view resort with delightful villa style apartments. Poinsettia is not an apartment building, all units have their own entrance and are located in a garden setting on landscape hillside by the ocean.

Typically villas are more exclusive and expensive than apartments in St. Lucia. But our villas are very affordable. We call them villa apartment as that denotes that they are self contained units with no elevators or common hallways where each unit has its own front door. The space and layout is similar to many villas but are more affordable at rates more like apartment rentals.

Some ask then, are these villas or apartments and what is a villa apartment? – It is Poinsettia; designed for comfort and convenience where space, privacy and safety are key feature of the resort.

For more details see the History of the Villa and Whats in a Rate

Poinsettia is designed for the independent travel who enjoy the freedom and convenience of self catering accommodation with all the amenities of home.

See lifestyle holiday for independent minded travellers

Yes, the minimum stay is just 3 nights, which is less than many similar accommodation in St. Lucia. That means you must pay for 3 nights even if you stay for a single night.

For  long term leases the minimum stay is 6 months.
Guest must be approved and meet residence requirements.

Yes, see villa apartments on long term at our rentals page >> Villa Apartment Rentals St. Lucia/

Long term is 6 months or more and you must be a qualified local St. Lucia business and qualifying international organization, affiliate with education, government, medical, etc. See all terms that apply on the above page.

Short term vacation rental rates are available on the rates page. Also see our video overview of all villa apartments for rent >>>

If your stay is over 3 months we will review your booking and offer you  a consideration where we can. Just use the book button below or on any page to make request and we will contact you.

Best Rates Guaranteed: We Know St. Lucia and Love to Help You Plan an Amazing Holiday

(FAQs) Poinsettia St. Lucia Frequently Asked Questions – Please contact us if your question is not listed here. We will try to answer all questions about Poinsettia Accommodation, the resort, its location as well as all of your concerns about travel to St. Lucia and your St. Lucia Holiday.

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