Lifestyles of the Artisan Features Poinsettia Villa Vacations

Lifestyles of the Artisan Features Poinsettia villa Vacations for holidays that are close to nature and designed with the independent traveller in mind.

As they say “ St. Lucia are for independent minded travelers who love nature, space privacy and a place of their own. With just 7 lovely one and two bedroom villas overlooking the bay, with pool, deck and organic garden in a tranquil oasis, Poinsettia is the prefect pace to unwind and discover the island. Each unit has dining, kitchen and spacious living in a safe gated tropical resort with all the comforts of home. A great place to come home to!”

Here is the Video that is now on Lifestyle Website is a photographic and video site that documents ordinary and extraordinary people at work who share a moment with all to tell us a bit about their work and life. The artisans come from every walk of life, from farmers and fishers, artist and boat builder to plantation owner, hoteliers and business owners.


Artisan Travel


Artisan are also one of the 47 travel personalities identified by – Artisan travelers have distinct preferences and persona classifies hospitality as artisan if it meets several key criteria.

Poinsettia meets the criteria in mood and style with a low-key, clean and elegant colorful and artistic design, in a natural Eco-friendly setting with a magnificent view.

ARTISAN Hospitality is deliberate · thoughtful · flexible . minimal · artsy · unpretentious . authentic . adventurous . independent . esthetic >>> |

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poinsettia villas for the artisan and independent traveller


Review Videos Showcase the Authentic Lifestyle Holiday Experience

Great Review Video Brilliantly Animated

We are really delighted with this review and what has done to animate it so brilliantly.  You really do get a sense of the resort and of St. Lucia. The images of downtown Castries are priceless. It also demonstrates how guest review videos showcase the authentic lifestyle holiday experience and the human touch we take pride in at our very private little Villa Resort up on the hilltop by the sea.

castries market scene

Margaret was a wonderful guest and it was lovely having her to stay. She was a real “Poinsettia person”, someone who just does not want to be thought of as a tourist when they travel to get away and rejuvenate.

A Lifestyle Holiday, Not a Tourist Destination

According to AirBnb “Almost half of all Americans don’t want to be considered a tourist when they travel.” All of Poinsettia’s guests want to get to know neighborhoods and to have an authentic travel experience. They definitely do not want to be herded around with a crowd of tourist. That’s why we built this unique Villa Resort with a balance of space and privacy and still with people to take care of things and be there for you. Our in-house guides and list of things and places to visit have all sorts of gems of helpful information.

Guests drop into the office to ask us about places and we are happy to share our local knowledge and suggest an option we thing they might love. St. Lucia is diverse so there are lots of things to choose from.

Human Touch & All Those Extras

It was lovely to see Margaret write about our human touch. Our family gardens are bursting with fruits and vegetables which we often leave at guests’ doors, without making a song and dance or interrupting them. Privacy is important here and travellers who are not tourists mingle when they want and with whom they want. We don’t have cocktail parties and set agendas of any sort. Guests often meet and conversation and friendship do spring up because we are like-minded people who enjoy and appreciate quiet reflection and personal experience. And it seems that we independent-minded travelllers are not alone. Nearly 50% of people polled by Airbnb said that they really do not like navigating huge crowds of people.

St. lucia sims and phones
Make it easy – just borrow a phone

Cell Phones for St. Lucia

Phones are always a problem for travellers and sometimes it’s not all that easy or convenient to change Sim cards, especially when you want to maintain the chats and connections you have with home. That is why we sometimes just lend guests a phone to help them get around, make appointments and arrange tours.

We keep a small supply of cell phones on hand for those who don’t want to bother with changing SIMs and would like to be in contact with things on the island. It saves a lot of bother.

Thanks Margaret for making a note of that.

All our team are people persons and love to help. If we can, we help out with occasional lifts, especially when guests first arrive. Just as Philip helped out with a lift to the supermarket.  Although we often add a welcome basket, there is often something one would like on arrival.

So thanks everyone for all your lovely feedback and reviews. We like to hear all your construction suggestions, and we take them all very seriously.

Thanks also to HHR for its excellent work with reviews to make them really come alive and tell a story in rich detail.

Poinsettia New Website Launched

We have officially launched the new Poinsettia Villa Apartments Resort website, which we hope you will love. The new design captures the flavour of our special hilltop retreat, that is tucked away in the Vigie Cove,just moments away from the city centre, the harbour, fish market, farmers markets and the local island- hopping airport. One of the things that guests love most is feeling as if they are on the edge of a natural bird sanctuary in a tropical forest on a bay;  knowing that they are close to everything.

The website was developed by AXSES All Cast Power Marketing Consultants, who have done a great job of providing the right balance of technology and information. We will post the Press release about the “new website launched” shortly.

There are some really unique features that we are particularly pleased with:

    • 1. The full broadcast quality video. Note the messaging – we wanted to be clear that we are not a hotel room or a hotel but a self-catering villa apartment resort with all the comforts of home.


    • 2. The three buttons on the front page give immediate access to what guests most want to know – What the lifestyle holiday for independent travellers is –  accommodation options and – affordability. We are working on another video that will compare our offer to the alternatives. We know that we offer the best value and will prove it.


    • 3. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has become one of the most popular pages and we are adding to it constantly. If you have a questions, just click the Contact Us button at the end of each page and we will get back to you with the answer and add it to the FAQs.


    • 4. We know that independent travellers have different needs and budgets, so we have included a page that compares and suggests alternative villa resorts and self-catering options. More will be added to help travellers make the right choice. Please contact us if you would like us to make a suggestion.  We know the island well; we live here and we love to help.


    • 5. Just in case you are not sure about staying here, we also give you a list of things that we are not. The WHY NOT US page will eliminate Poinsettia from your choice if we don’t offer what you are looking for. This happened to us once when the family of a couple booked their accommodation here, thinking that we were more of a hotel with beaches and restaurants and lots to do. We immediately offered the couple their money back, as well as to help them find a suitable place and assist them to move the next day. They fell in love with Poinsettia’s ambiance and decided to say. They had a wonderful time and the entire family was forever grateful to us for making their stay so enjoyable.


    • 6. The social buttons are there to help you share the page you are on. Just click on your favourite site, such as Facebook to share the page with your friends and let them know you found us!


    • 7. We have lots and lots of videos and images, for the resort as well as for the island in general. Some of the videos show the villa sitting areas, bedrooms and kitchen as they were before the upgrades in 2014. Since then, we have tweaked the kitchen counters, upgraded the living and bedrooms areas with more lively colours and made it more cozy and warm.



Well, I could Go on – but I’ll leave that for another time.

Please let us know what you think and what you would like to see next!

Have wonderful holiday!

Margaux Daher, Marketing Director and Co-owner.

PS >>> We plan to add a page on the story of Poinsettia and the family soon.


The Press release is live now see more about it on our Press Page on Website Launch >>>>


7 Outstanding Holidays for Independent Travel to St. Lucia

It just so happens that Poinsettia Ocean View Resort has just 7 units in all. All are self catering Villa-Apartments which are preferred by independent travellers. It’s also true that this growing segment of the travel market is very discerning and have very specific tastes and expectations.

They are not generally indulgent and are more impressed with value than with frills or luxury. Value means comfort, convenience, space, privacy and independence above all. These are the premise of They are the reason why the resort has a near perfect score for value on TripAdvisor.

The report on the rise of the independent traveller is summarized in the article “7 reasons why the independent minded traveller is the new holy grail: at

It comes as no surprise that millennium travelers don’ travel to be seen, but they are not reclusive. They like to be where there is some community along with privacy. A small resort that offers privacy is preferred over the large hotel resort or the remote single villa, in many cases.

The 7 criteria of independent travel are the same 7 things that the new breed of Millennium vacationers are looking for. And, as you might expect, they are all part of the mission at

Poinsettia covers the 7 criteria in all 7 villa apartments for rent in Saint Lucia.
That is 7 criteria for delivering high value independent living vacations in 7 villas and you have 7 outstanding holiday experiences right here in the Poinsettia Ocean View Resort.

Come and experience the Poinsettia Saint Lucia lifestyle holidays.

See the full 7 reasons why, Click here >>>


The Free Independent Traveller (FIT) is a term that has become more relevant in the age of digital media. They are an economic power that help balance the local economy by spreading their money around to enterprises of all types and sizes. In this way, FIT distribute income from typical tourism resources like the larger established suppliers and tourism products in favor of all the other players. See wikipedia article.

St. Lucia Tourism Boards Features Poinsettia Villa Apartments


The Official Tourism Website for St. Lucia,

has added Poinsettia to its listing of Island Resorts. See Poinsettia Villa Apartment on

Villa Apartment Resort are a category pioneered by Poinsettia to cater to the growing interest in alternative boutique properties and accommodation options for the more adventurous traveller who wants something more than the all-inclusive vacations that have become synonymous with the Saint Lucia experience.

The Poinsettia resort of just 7 villa-style semi detached dwellings over-looking Vigie bay, has received tremendous acclaim for offering high value to the independent minded traveler looking for lifestyle holidays. These travellers are looking for privacy, security, freedom, home-style convenience and resort ambiance with pool, gardens and amenities. They like the residence style of the open villa-apartments.

See it on StLucianow Click here >>>