7 Outstanding Holidays for Independent Travel to St. Lucia

It just so happens that Poinsettia Ocean View Resort has just 7 units in all. All are self catering Villa-Apartments which are preferred by independent travellers. It’s also true that this growing segment of the travel market is very discerning and have very specific tastes and expectations.

They are not generally indulgent and are more impressed with value than with frills or luxury. Value means comfort, convenience, space, privacy and independence above all. These are the premise of PoinsettiaApartments.com. They are the reason why the resort has a near perfect score for value on TripAdvisor.

The report on the rise of the independent traveller is summarized in the article “7 reasons why the independent minded traveller is the new holy grail: at http://hookpages.com/pages/rise-of-the-independent-traveler.

It comes as no surprise that millennium travelers don’ travel to be seen, but they are not reclusive. They like to be where there is some community along with privacy. A small resort that offers privacy is preferred over the large hotel resort or the remote single villa, in many cases.

The 7 criteria of independent travel are the same 7 things that the new breed of Millennium vacationers are looking for. And, as you might expect, they are all part of the mission at PoinsettiaApartments.com.

Poinsettia covers the 7 criteria in all 7 villa apartments for rent in Saint Lucia.
That is 7 criteria for delivering high value independent living vacations in 7 villas and you have 7 outstanding holiday experiences right here in the Poinsettia Ocean View Resort.

Come and experience the Poinsettia Saint Lucia lifestyle holidays.

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The Free Independent Traveller (FIT) is a term that has become more relevant in the age of digital media. They are an economic power that help balance the local economy by spreading their money around to enterprises of all types and sizes. In this way, FIT distribute income from typical tourism resources like the larger established suppliers and tourism products in favor of all the other players. See wikipedia article.