Villa Mango Outstanding Review by Bruno K

Bruno K, is a serial guest with Poinsettia. He has stayed at the resort 5 times in 5 years and plans to return again next year.

That speaks for itself: “Thank you for your lovely review Bruno. We appreciate your support during these five years and look forward to seeing you many times again!”.. …Margaux, Owner Manager

Villa Mango Residence 3. Two bedroom ocean view villa above the pool

In this Villa Mango Outstanding Review by Bruno K, he, a five time repeat guest, particularly mentions:

    • Location
    • Friendly and very helpful staff
    • Secure, gated property
    • Beautiful view

Bruno also mentions the lovely pool, walks into Castries, the lovely grounds, huge patio and well appointed villas with rooms that are well decorated and bright. It is a Fully Self-Catering Residence for carefree holiday living.

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viiia mango #3 entrace-pool

Villa Mango # 3 Two Bedroom Ocean View Self Catering >>>>

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See what Margaret S. had to say:

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Lovely 5 Star Review by Asha – View, Nature Gardens & Birds

5 Star Video Review- TreeTops Villa #2

In this Lovely 5 Star Review By Asha we learn that she loved the spectacular ocean view, the great location on the edge of the city and the Nature Gardens & Birds!. But perhaps even more rewarding is what she said about our dedicated staff and their attention. In her words:

“Thank you so much Margaux, Diane, Phillip, Monique and Joseph. You really take pride in this place and it shows. You are all wonderful. Please continue with this fantastic venture.”

Thank you Asha, it is very rewarding to hear that we are appreciated. We always go out of our way to over deliver, with all sort of things you will not find in many holiday resorts anywhere. From sharing cell phones, that we know come in handy and are a bother to organize, to sharing fruit and vegetables from our organic gardens. The truth is we love to make our guests happy and everyone at Poinsettia cares deeply about guests experience in this wonderful island.

Thanks you for sharing – It was lovely having you to stay and we all look forward to your return.

Here is the full review by Asha:

“We spent a week here and now have serious withdrawal symptoms. Overlooking Vigie Cove and Auberge Seraphine, this family run, self-catering apartment complex is truly a gem. Thank you so much [Everyone].

The apartments are perfect for independent travellers like us, who want to experience the real Caribbean. The apartments are spacious, well decorated, fully equipped and comfortable.

Everything one could hope for in a home, away from home! Even the fruits from the garden are a treat! Thanks! Good wifi and thrilled that we were provided with a cell phone to use! Poinsettia apartments are located within walking distance to downtown Castries where we did our shopping in the Central Market. Good prices and friendly people.

Also Vigie Beach is about 20 min walk away. This beach is perfect, where the locals bathe and away from the hustle of the more touristy places. At times it felt like we were the only ones there. We rented a car and thanks to Margaux who kindly arranged quotes for us. This allowed us to experience more of the island on our own. But it was so great to come back to the apartment in the afternoon, have a swim in the pool, watch the sunset and see the Carnival catamaran cruises return to their base.

I loved floating in the pool and watching the White Egret birds which nest outside Auberge Seraphine, fly overhead. We wish the pool hours could be extended for a couple hours more in the evening though. In closing we have had a perfect stay and hope to be back again soon to Saint Lucia and Poinsettia Apartments.”

two bedroom villa residence #2 - pool view entrance
two bedroom villa residence #2 – pool view entrance


TreeTops Villa #2 – >>>>
Two Bedroom Ocean View  Villa Apartment by the Pool

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