Caribbean Wind & Sun to Power St. Lucia Sustainable Tourism & Economy

source: Latin America Herald Tribune
October 21, 2015

Saint Lucia Going Green with Wind & Solar Power – an Example for Caribbean Sustainable Tourism

St. Lucia renewable energy from wind and sun
St. Lucia renewable energy from wind and sun

The St. Lucia Government announced recently that it already has two government agencies now equipped with solar power and that by 2020 35% of its electricity will be from renewable sources which will include use of abundant natural resources like the wind and sun.

“The transition to renewable power sources is a fundamental component of the energy security and price stability thrust of the government of St. Lucia,” Prime Minister Kenny Anthony’s administration said.

The Government is also planning on reducing public-sector energy consumption by 20 % in the nest 5 years.

This is on the heals of having received funding for its Geothermal Resource Development Project which got $2.8 million in grants from the World Bank and the New Zealand government last year.

Natural Approach to Sustainable Energy

These steps and plans show an enlightened approach to sustainable tourism and economic development in the Regions.  The region is ideally disposed to wind and solar powered energy with more sunshine per year that most part of the world. Wind is also in good supply with the Caribbean Windward islands like Saint Lucia having the advantage of strong and consistent trade-winds throughout the year.

The same wind that powered the Santa Maria that brought Christopher Columbus, and after him the Spanish, French, Dutch, English and Africans to the islands of the Caribbean, is taking the leading role in proving renewable and clean energy for tourism and the economy of all Caribbean windward Islands. It is entirely fitting and most natural that the windward islands, discovered in the days of sail, should pioneer in using natures resources of wind and sun to power its energy needs into the future.

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